A full on program with lots to learn and lots to share has filled up the last few days.

Although I was only able to attend the Friday and Sunday program of this three day conference – I did have a giggle when I spotted this photo posted by ETS (Education Technology Solutions – a great journal if you have a chance to check it out!) on the #schoolstechOZ twitter stream.  A most unexpected ‘proof of attendance’ as I wended my away along the very long morning tea queue on the first day of the conference!  No hints – you’ll have to figure out which one of the many is me!

ETS photo tweeted

This is the second time I’ve attended – and presented – for IWBNet.   They are a highly professional group who go to extremes to ensure that the events they hold run smoothly.  Never shy of innovating, this year they introduced a very cool tool to enable conference participants  to make the most of attendance – the schoolstechOZ Conference App – which focused on providing an educational, engaging and interactive experience for all conference delegates.  Designed by eventmobi, the app works on any device and enabled us to:

  • view the full program
  • add sessions to our schedule
  • view sessions for which we had personally signed up  (keynotes, sessions and networking meetings)
  • take notes in the App of those sessions we attended
  • Tweet about a session – within the session
  • take a look at the speakers and their bios
  • find our way around the venue
  • check out the exhibitor specials
  • view alerts
  • search through more general information

This video, which was sent to all delegates a week ahead of the conference, gave us a good feel of how to use it to ensure that we made the most of our time at the conference.

schoolstechOZ event app
Sessions attended have been awesome!  I’ll be blogging about the highlights of the event after I get through today’s sessions.

I’ve been indulging in one of my passions over the last few weeks: thinking how to share my enthusiasm about the joy of learning with others!!!

Yes – I’ve been busy preparing the content of my presentation for schoolstechOZ which gets underway next weekend: 12th-14th September where I will be presenting a two part talk Personal Learning Networks: A game changer!  If you are attending, I’ll see you there.   If not, you may want to follow the conference via Twitter on #SchoolstechOZ.   Either way, you can check out the resources I’ll be sharing with conference delegates by selecting the ‘Resources’ tab on NovaNews – see above.

As I was preparing, I came across a fabulous statement known as the Holstee Manifesto.   While I’m not sure which came first, the poster or the video, the message it imparts is powerful.   Time constraints won’t allow me to share the video during my presentation, but I will most certainly be sharing its central message:

life manfesto - life is short focus

My absolute conviction that we should all share that which we feel passionate about coupled with my own life experience which places an absolute priority on ‘carpe diem’ compels me to share this fabulous video with you here:

I’ve raved on about the crowd sourcing website KickStarter before.   Showcasing some amazing ideas and technological developments, this one is no exception.

I recently came across this new innovation on KickStarter: Noke: The world’s first bluetooth padlock.   By using your smartphone and the Noke, you can protect anything you like, from bikes, lockers or other belongings.   Want to share your ‘key’ – no probs.   Just share access on your smartphone.

And it seems I’m not the only one who thinks that this is a rather cool product!  Aiming to raise $100,000 to allow them to go into production, they have, in just one week into the four week posting on Kickstarter, raised more than four times this amount!

Not a bad commendation to receive!!

The case of Pedro Bravo, who has been accused of kidnapping and strangling his friend from the University of Florida, raises much more than meets the eye.

In short, what we think is private, is in fact just another part of our digital footprint, a digital footprint which can be tracked and, as in this case, investigated and used as evidence in a court of law.

Bravo’s iPhone is being used as evidence against him in a court case in which he is being tried for the murder of fellow student Christian Aguilar.

Records identified on Bravo’s iPhone indicate

When asked “I need to hide my roommate”, iPhone’s Siri answered: “What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps.”

As reported on News.com.au on August 14

That the torch on Bravo’s iPhone was activated 11 times on the night of Aguilar’s disappearance, was additional evidence presented in this ongoing court case.

Beyond determining Bravo’s guilt or innocence on these charges, an overriding issue to me is that of privacy.   Clearly what we think is private simply isn’t.

Each time we use our smartphone, we are in fact adding to the enormous amount of data that comprises our digital footprint.  How many of us or students in our classrooms stop to think about this fact.  Not many, I suspect.

Your thoughts?

Want to explore Melbourne of the 1800’s?

Download this new app which has been put together by the State Library of Victoria.   While taking a stroll through the city of Melbourne it’s fascinating to explore the rich history and look behind some of the old architecture.  Using your location to show nearby buildings, users can view up to 300 photographs of street views and aerial photographs as well as stories of each location from as early as 1840.

SLV app


After watching this graphic illustration of the dangers of plastic to our environment and most especially to our oceans, I will never look at plastic the same way again.

Apart from being a brilliant graphical explanation, the facts are frightening.


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