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Interesting articles about plagiarism were included in this week’s reading.   Running students through a quiz such as the one developed by Chris Anson of North Carolina State University: Plagiarism and Ethical Conduct Test could be a good intro to a session on discussing plaguerism with students.  Another simple true/false survey which could be used as a pre-test is located on the University of Southern Mississippi website: Pretest your knowledge of plagiarism. The Ultimate Plagiarism Resource though has absolutely heaps of ideas!

Inspired by Elaine of the VicPLN clan, I created a survey using PollDaddy.   Reading what others have been playing with on the Ning blog posts has really been inspirational.   Creating and presenting online surveys to students is a very powerful tool!   Creating a before and after survey for students to complete prior to a session exposing them to specific skills would be fun.

I was quite mind boggled to read of the many different search tools on the Springfield Library Secondary Kid Search page.  It has an amazing array of links to a wealth of online search tools.    Visual Dictionary Online is cool as is the Brain Pop and Lexipedia.  I have also had a lot of fun playing around with Animoto this week. Amazing how much time you can spend mucking around doing things!!

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