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I’m a sucker for good ideas!!

I just saw one on Kickstarter, a website which aims to help bring creative projects to life.

The idea of developing a gadget that can rock a baby while it’s lying in its car seat, commonly referred to as a baby capsule here in Australia, is such a simple idea that you have to wonder why it hasn’t been invented before now!

Developed in Germany and available for distribution worldwide, BOBBY is a simple little device which can be placed underneath the edge of the baby capsule to gently and smoothly rock the capsule.  Marketed as safe, smart, portable and fully automated, this great idea was generated by a group of parents.

Read details about this snazzy gadget on their Kickstarter page: BOBBY | Turn your baby car seat into a baby bouncer or watch this video to get a good idea of how it works.

If you’re really enthusiastic, become one of their supporters by selecting the ‘back this project’ tab.


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I’ve had two glorious weeks off work. No alarm clock.  Lots of opportunities to sleep-in. Plenty of time to smell the roses.

Tomorrow it all ends though …..

I dread being woken by the shrill noise of my alarm clock and then stumbling my way through the first few waking moments of the day.

So when I read about Wakē ….. my ears pricked up!

Wakē is a modern alarm clock that wakes you up with a personal sunrise and focused sounds – waking up each person in bed individually”

Check it out. This sure sounds like a great one to back on Kickstarter!

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By the time you’re reading this, the much anticipated smart Apple Smartwatch will have been announced.  Although there have been lots of leaks along the way which may have dampened the recent announcement, the range and ability of Apple’s new ‘baby’ is bound to be a serious player revolutionizing the market place.

But …..

I’ve just been looking at Pebble Time – described by it’s publicists as ‘an awesome smartwatch’ –  which has been crowdfunding for just on a week to enable it’s launch onto the market place.   As I write, more than 66,000 people worldwide have pledged close to $17,000,000.  No doubt those figures will have increased significantly by the time this post is published.

Take a look for yourself at Pebble Time and judge for yourself.

Check out a later announcement of Pebble Time Steel too.

Then have a read of the specs on Kickstarter – and if you are keen to own a Pebble Time Smartwatch be quick – there’s only just over a week to go to make your pledge!

But ….. back to the Apple Watch ….. it’s announcement was less than a week ago and still, the hype hasn’t abated.  True to Apple form, it looks awesome!   Skip to 5.20 minutes into this short presentation about the Apple Watch given by CEO Tim Cook this week:

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I’ve raved on about the crowd sourcing website KickStarter before.   Showcasing some amazing ideas and technological developments, this one is no exception.

I recently came across this new innovation on KickStarter: Noke: The world’s first bluetooth padlock.   By using your smartphone and the Noke, you can protect anything you like, from bikes, lockers or other belongings.   Want to share your ‘key’ – no probs.   Just share access on your smartphone.

And it seems I’m not the only one who thinks that this is a rather cool product!  Aiming to raise $100,000 to allow them to go into production, they have, in just one week into the four week posting on Kickstarter, raised more than four times this amount!

Not a bad commendation to receive!!

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No matter how often I see a 3D printer at work, I’m still mesmerized by its power and beauty.  So it’s exciting to realize that the opportunity for anyone to own a 3D printer has just moved that much closer.

M3D has developed a 3D printer that is lighter, smaller and incredibly affordable.   Designed for beginner users as well as expert users, this 3D printer is touted as being completely effortless to use.   Needless to say, the availability of easy-to-use software is an absolute plus.

The developer’s aim – to put a printer in every single house – certainly doesn’t seem all that far away.  Within 11 minutes of its launch on Kickstarter their fundraising goal of $50,000 was met!   As I blog, the amount pledged is quickly rising to $1,500,000.   Amazing – just watch the tally.  It jumps up by hundreds within seconds.   Clearly the developer’s are not alone in their belief in this new product.

And ….. for the record – I want one!!


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Up until about three weeks ago, I’d never heard of Kickstarter.com  but, as often happens when you hear of something new, you suddenly start hearing about it from a range of sources!

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects.  If you have an idea, develop it, but don’t have the money to manufacture and market it, then Kickstarter is a great platform from which to seek support.  Most of the projects I’ve looked at have created a video to demonstrate or explain their product.  With absolutely stacks and stacks of ideas sorted into clearly labelled categories, it’s possible to peruse and find an amazing range of ‘would be’ products.  In exchange for monetary backing, the products’ creators will reward  you with the supply of a part or all of the product.   With a minimum funding target set by the creators, many projects garner far more support well before the close date.

Just yesterday, I saw this video of an amazing accessory for the iPad.  Being a typist, I’ve already discovered that while the iPad’s virtual keypad is really cool, it is not comfortable for the kind of extended typing I do on a regular basis.  Size wise and ergonomic wise, it just isn’t right.   Without even physically playing with The Brydge, you can see that it addresses many shortcomings of the iPad’s virtual keyboard.

So, when I went to check cost and availability, lo and behold, I discovered that this was a Kickstarter project.   Having already exceeded the funding required, it’s clear that many, like me, agree that this is a product that’s going places!

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