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One of the first things I do when trying to decide if I want to follow someone on Twitter is to look at their recent tweets to see if the topics tweeted about are of interest to me.   When using TweetDeck, the tool I’m currently using to manage my Twitter account, I’m often conscious of the fact that I only see a few recent tweets.

But using Twitter Topic Explorer is a great way of seeing the bigger picture. By showing the main topics in a cloud format, with data in colourful bubbles that match up to the stream of tweets on the right of the screen, this is an easy and fast tool to use.   Just simply type in the Twitter username of either a person or an organization into the bottom left hand search box and within seconds a topic cloud such as this visulization of  The Age newspaper Twitter stream appears.

Clicking on any one of the bubbles displaying the main tweet topics highlights the term on the corresponding Twitter stream on the right of the screen.  The size of the circles is based on the frequency of the word in the Twitter stream.  Words found together in similar tweets are clustered together and are given a similar colour code.  Not only can you see what the person or organization has been tweeting about, but by being able to easily spot topics that are of interest, you can find others to follow.

Thumbs up to Jeff Clark, the developer of this neat tool.

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