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My learning journey took a new and different twist this week.

Together with Miffy Farquharson, I was asked by the School Library Association of Victoria to present at their conference: Creative Communication: A conference for library technicians and assistants on the topic Social Networking to Publicise Books.

Initially hesitant, it didn’t take me too long to realize that after a year of playing, learning and exploring with all things webish, I really had learned and internalized much along the way.  While it was a challenge to figure out how best to share my learning with an audience, one thing I was certain about was my desire to inspire the session attendees.

Apart from deciding on the content of my talk, there was the inevitable battle with presentation tools.  Revisiting Prezi for the combined presentation turned out to be a good choice, though I admit that it took me far longer to prepare the presentation than I had anticipated.   Even though I had played with Prezi a bit last year, it was many months ago.  Forgetting the how to’s produced some very irritating, frustrating and time consuming moments.  Getting to the end of the creation was – I admit – a relief!   Using good old PowerPoint (minus the bells and whistles it offers) seemed to be the quickest and easiest format with which to present my own story about the development of my other blog: BevsBookBlog.  Converting this into a SlideShare for publication was a breeze.

With the content set and the presentation tools utilized, my last concern was that technology would reliably facilitate the delivery of it all.   Fear of this or that not working ensured that I had more back ups – both digital and hard copy – than could be imagined!  Fortunately a wonderful man appeared by my side fifteen minutes prior to the presentation and ably assisted the connection of a range of cords into my laptop and the array of equipment that met me at the podium.  I regret however that I didn’t adequately thank him for his assistance.  Perhaps my gratitude will reach him over the air waves of cyberspace.

For those who may be interested here is the presentation made at the SLAV Conference: Social Networking to Publicise Books.

Prezi-Social Networking to Publicise Books

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