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I’m super good at procrastinating!

Putting things off for tomorrow has become an ingrained habit for me.  After all ….. I’ve perfected it over very many years!!!

But finally, I bit the bullet and set aside some time over the last six weeks to complete an online course run by Future Learn of Monash University: Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance.

With the usual offering from an online course of putting in as little or as much effort as desired, I’ve probably gone down the middle road.  The course, made up of videos, meditations and an opportunity to participate in chat groups with other attendees really has been a worthwhile and satisfying way for me to explore this program.   Although, I’ve read and heard much about mindfulness over the years, I’ve concluded that it’s not until you actually try it for yourself and tie it to your own lifestyle that the benefits of being mindful are fully appreciated.

I found the videos easy to listen to.  Session three in particular really ‘spoke’ to me.  With a focus on multitasking, distraction and procrastination, I really related to the many examples being given.  The next day at work, as I did my usual of reading and replying to an email with a phone tucked under my ear and then responding to a person who walked into the office with a query, I realized how inadequate my response was to most everything I was trying to do in that stretch of time.  It’s amazing how much more aware I am of the impact of the many distractions as well as how I’ve been kidding myself that I can competently multitask!.  I’m now in the process of training myself to focus on one task at a time.

So, if like me, you have been contemplating to take time out for yourself and explore how to develop better life habits, I highly recommend this program.

And if mindfulness isn’t your thing, explore the many other course offerings from Future Learn – there are a wealth of offerings.



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