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I blogged about animated gifs a couple of years ago when I came across the inspirational work of George Redhawk.

Just now though, I’ve come across another master of animated gifs: James Eads in whose work we can simply get lost!


Born in Los Angeles, Eads lives and works at the Brewery Arts in Los Angeles, I came across his work on a September 2016 blogpost by Moss & Fog.  Check out his tumblr and instagram profiles for more inspirational art.


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It’s hard to believe it, but the artist who created these animated gifs, George Redhawk, is legally blind.

Redhawk, also known as DarkAngelØne,  suffers from the rare condition of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a condition in which visually impaired people see things that are not really there.

His mesmerising animated gifs are aesthetically beautiful, yet amazingly complex.  It’s hard to imagine how long it must take to create one, let alone the painstakingly complex process their creation must involve.

On his Google+ website, Redhawk gives permission to copy and paste his animations, but requests that credit be given to him for his creative work.

While I came upon his work on a recent My Modern Met post, an online check reveals that many have written about this talented artist.  A glance through his Google+ website reveals a little more of the man behind this astounding work.

Animated Gif - Woman of the Sea - by George Redhawk

Animated Gif - Stairway to Heaven - by George Redhaw

Animated Gif - I am Man - by George Redhawk

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