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I came across a fabulous link the other day from Education Technology and Mobile Learning which is perfect for use with students by either English teachers or any of us working in school libraries.

The Digital Storytelling Wheel for Teachers post looks like one of those posts that will keep any teacher and their students busy for a very long time as they work their way through exploration of a huge range of iPad and Android Apps together with a host of Web tools.

I just love the graphic too!


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Ever keen to pick up new skills, I was really excited to receive advice via one of our online library associations that an innovative program called 12 Apps of Christmas would be run commencing December 1st this year.

12appsofChristmasmas logoAimed to personalize learning, both students or educators are able to pick up tips on how to become more fulfilled independent, self directed learners by exploring apps on either smartphones or tablet devices.  Over 12 week days starting on December 1st this year, 12 helfpul app gifts will be available to unwrap and explore.

To get involved just download the App: 12AppsDIT from the App Store and view it on either your smartphone or smart tablet or log onto the webiste: 12 Apps of Christmas to more fully explore.  By registering, both students and educators will be able to explore all that can be gained from this innovative learning program.    A bonus for educators will be a page detailing how students can utilize these apps to enhance their learning.

Check out this video to learn more about this innovative learning program.

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